Despite what you may have envisioned, the morning after your wedding may not be the breeziest of mornings (especially if you decided to add that extra cocktail to your bar menu – and consequently drank one too many). Not only are hangover kits great to have in your room for your own morning after, but they make great gifts to put in guest’s hotel rooms. We’ve put together the components of the perfect recovery kit to help keep you and your guests fresh and present for Sunday brunch.

Top photo by: Amy & Stuart

1. Help Remedies

2. Grady’s Cold Brew

3. Kiehl’s Lip Balm

4. KIND Granola

5. Drinkwel – Life of the Party Kit

6. Grand Trunk Eye Mask

7. Marvis Toothpaste

8. La Fresh Travel Wipes



  1. Cheryl Rossi says

    Can you tell me what is in the “Life of the Party Kit”? And, how much it is selling for?
    I am looking for a recovery kit for my daughters wedding quests.

    Thank You.

    Cheryll Rossi

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