It might surprise you, but I actually don’t entertain that often. I obviously very much love to throw lots and lots of celebrations for other people and I love being a guest, but when it comes to my personal milestones, I’m more of a buy a new pair of shoes and grab some cocktails on the go type of gal. But, this year, one of my planner friends suggested 35 was worthy of a little celebration and suggested a simple dinner party. I thought why not and called on a handful of my normal team of creatives to help me out. Seriously, ya’ll, they put together such a memorable celebration for me. If you know anything about people in our industry, there is really no such thing as a “little” get together. We just don’t know how to do anything normal. The end result was a fancy pants dinner party on the rooftop of my high rise in the middle of Hollywood with 35 of my all time favorite people. We had a 5 course meal including handmade pasta and my very own Fromager (crazy, right?!), an amazing DJ from Dash spinning my favorite tunes and custom crafted cocktails just for little ole’ me (I’ll share recipes later this week). It was over the top to say the least. I have to give a very, very LOUD shout out to Room Forty. What I was expecting to be something simple and casual was turned into ultra glamorous fete and made me look like a super star. It’s seriously a hard feat to impress a group of event designers, magazine editors and other industry types but EVERY person in attendance couldn’t stop celebrating how special the meal was. I cannot rave enough…So much more to come on them later in the week…

For design, we went urban rustic allowing the city landscape to be the spotlight. Hundreds of candles were strung throughout the veranda and simple potted plants effortlessly donned the raw wood tables which were placed in a U-shape to keep the intimacy. For just the right amount of juxtaposition, we had beautiful gold and crystal tableware from Casa De Perrin. Aside from the crazy delicious cocktails and over the top food, my favorite guest surprise was after I blew out my candle. Each guest was given their very own mini birthday cake from Susiecakes complete with sparklers. Check out the pictures below…my favorite pic is the one where every guest whipped out their phone to take a picture of their own personal wedding cake. Surprises at parties are what it’s all about no matter how basic they are…The night ended with more sugar as guests took home mini doughnuts from Krispy Kreme to enjoy the next morning.

Enough gushing, please check out the images from my super fanc celebration courtesy of Steve Steinhardt. And, again, a huge thank you to all that celebrated with me…It made me realize that I must throw more parties!



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