A couple of weeks ago, we shared the wedding of Alyssa Hooper, who is the sister of Laura Hooper, one of the talented calligraphers and invitation designers we work with on a daily basis. Well, right after Alyssa’s big day, Laura announced her engagement and she wasn’t about to have a long drawn out path to the altar. Instead, we planned her destination wedding weekend in Kona in about 4 short months. First up, though, let’s share the bridal shower we put together for her. It was a mid morning brunch focused on everything sweet. For decor, instead of flowers everywhere, one long feasting table was lined with desserts, mini cakes and beautiful cookies from Vanilla Bake Shop. Ladies relaxed with pear bellinis and manis, pedis and massages from Fiore Beauty. And, overall, we showered Laura with all the love and gifts she deserved. To see more, hop over to Inspired by This who featured the shower a couple of months ago. Thanks to Steve Steinhardt for the below images…

Come back tomorrow for images from the first day of the Hawaiian celebration…The sunset cruise.



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