We were so thrilled to work at Milk Studios for Brian & Chad’s wedding. They rarely if ever allow weddings to take place in their space which made it that much more special, but beyond that the design of the space is so inspiring. The level of detail that went into selecting the materials for the space from the graphite to the marble to the sparse yet luxurious furnishings makes for a very refined yet modern feel. Cohesive design makes my heart sing, so when I see it done perfectly, I get a little tingly all over. Below are some more images of the raw space which inspired every decision we made for Brian and Chad’s day.

milk1 milk2 milk3




In this increasingly digital age, it is almost too easy to drop people a quick text or email to thank them for whatever they’ve done for you. But whatever happened to those beautiful, handwritten cards? I love getting little thank you notes in the mail…it totally brightens up my day.

Here is a quick tip: stock up on pretty thank you cards at home, so whenever the occasion arises, you don’t have to scramble to the store to get them (or have the excuse that you forgot!) They say that you should really send out cards within the week of the event…but honestly, everyone is so busy. So I say, as long as the card gets there, that’s alright by me.

Shop the thank you cards above, here: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06

x, Jody




Adding pillows and throws to your ceremony or reception is a beautiful way to make the space seem more cozy and well thought out – they can add a punch of fun color or when it gets cold, your guests can snuggle up while enjoying the festivities.

When thinking about adding such details, take into consideration the fabric and look you’re going for that day. For example, linen’s lightweight feel would go well with a tropical or beach wedding, and lush nubby fabrics like wool or cashmere are probably better saved for the cooler seasons.

I’m also a huge fan of these little details in my everyday space – personally, I find that an odd number of pillows (versus the more traditional even number on each side of the couch) is more visually appealing. Also, changing up my pillows and throws are a great way to update the look of my room each season without having to do a complete makeover!

Shop the above Pillows & Throws here: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06

Images above are from Kari & Elan’s Wedding, Jessica and Chetan’s Wedding, Liz and Chris’ Wedding. Image of Pillows & Throws at Home can be found here.


x, Jody