Sigh, Stephanie and Scott’s timeless Santa Barbara Wedding weekend was one of our all time favorites. Inspired by the olive trees lining the gardens of the villa, we created exaggerated tablescapes surrounded by candlelight and organic touches where guests enjoyed a 7 course tasting menu. Cocktail hour included fun touches like an olive oil tasting and a fromager teaching guests everything they could ever want to know and more about cheese and charcuterie and the couple danced their first dance surrounded by gold sparklers. The images from Tec Petaja show many of our favorite details below.006793-R1-013 006804-R1-016 006805-R1-008 006805-R1-013 006806-R1-001 006806-R1-005 006807-R1-001 006807-R1-002 006807-R1-003 006807-R1-013 006808-R1-003 006811-R1-016 006818-R1-004 006818-R1-013 006819-R1-002 006820-R1-006 006821-R1-009 006824-R1-011 006825-R1-010 006828-R1-011 006829-R1-003 006830-R1-006 006831-R1-005 006831-R1-015 006831-R1-016 006832-R1-008 006832-R1-016 006833-R1-002 27920016 27930031


Killing Lazarus Movie Night

I love summer movies in my backyard. I have the perfect little space for about 10 to 12 of my friends to enjoy whatever is on my must see list. It’s a simple and inexpensive way to entertain and guests absolutely love it…And, with a new indie film out by one of my all time favorite artists, this is a perfect excuse to not only put in a little plug for the film Killing Lazarus (see trailer below), but also give you a few tips on hosting your own backyard movie night.

Movie NightMovie Night2 copy

First things first, you have to get a projector. I, personally, have owned one for years, but if you don’t have access to one, you can find one anywhere from Target to Best Buy. I’m sure someone who knows more about A/V would have all sorts of tips on this one, but for me, I just have a basic projector that I connect to my laptop.

For the screen, I like the homespun feel of simply hanging a white bed sheet with clothespins from twine or rope. You can rent or buy screens too, of course.

For seating, I have some existing backyard furniture, myself, but I also recommend bringing in oversized pillows and blankets. Or even ask your guests to bring their own. I love the ones from Found Rentals if you want the design of the evening to be cohesive or if you prefer to rent, but again, any pillows and blankets will do.

For snacks, I stick to movie classics. I like to display rustic baskets of popcorn at each blanket and seat as well a create a little candy display with movie theatre sized boxes from Target. And, for drinks, a simple galvanized bucket filled with pretty bottled sodas are perfect.

That’s it! Super simple and I promise you, it’s the type of party that definitely sparks nostalgia for most guests making it a guaranteed hit!

And, now for the film I’m personally going to be showing at my next shindig, Killing Lazarus. It’s a thriller/drama with (rumor has it) a majorly shocking ending. It’s the perfect movie to show at home as it’s live streaming from Vimeo for $5.99 starting this Sunday, August 2nd. Check it out!





We’re honored to be supporting designer, Lindee Daniel, by sponsoring a fundraiser next Tuesday, July 27th, at Land Yacht Studio in Venice. Specifically this event will support Lindee in the creation of Uganda Village Art Bridal, which will be operated by the local village where 100% of the profits will be used to support local orphanages and health clinics through Bringing Hope To The Family. We would love to see each of you there! Click here for tickets and bring everyone you know! If you’re not in California but still want to get involved, you can donate here or even just read more about this amazing initiative. 

Lindee Daniel Uganda


Hire a chef or caterer that excels at the type of food you’re looking for rather than pushing them to do something out of their comfort zone. Sure a sushi chef can likely make a decent pasta, but do you really want “decent” pasta on your wedding day? Probably not. Instead find the chef that’s heart and soul lies in creating the perfect pasta. Or, if you don’t have a specific vision, allow the chef to guide you in the selections that he excels in ultimately ensuring the guests will have the best possible experience. For more tips on finding the perfect caterer, check out some tips from one of our all time fav caterers, Room Forty, here and here.

The images below were taken by Steve Steinhardt and feature two appetizers from one of our other all time favs, The Food Matters.